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  • About Cara UNIX

    Cara UNIX excellent Nepal electronic technology (equity code: 202689) positioning Yu new energy industry of pilot who, since established yilai has been focused Yu development improve lithium ion battery performance of technology and method, and is committed to new type of containing lithium battery of development, to high performance power lithium battery of industrialization for development direction, while close combined Internet + cloud computing application, building has to lithium battery technology for core, to lithium battery and containing lithium battery for carrier of storage can products system, focused service Yu consumption class electronic products, and electric, and Grid energy storage, LED and other new energy applications for our customers at home and abroad with the lithium-ion battery solution, product, technology and service. [Read more]

  • Cara UNIX and electronics in listed equity trust trading center in Shanghai

    Cara UNIX excellent Nepal electronic in Shanghai unit make Center implemented equity concentrated registration managed, through equity registration managed institutions of platform for information collection, and specification and disclosure, more conducive to widened financing channel, attract various social capital and equity investors for investment, established equity pledge loan, debt financing mode, achieved private equity investment and company of effective docking, for company directly financing and indirect financing created conditions, ease enterprise financing difficult, and financing cost high of problem, more helps company breakthrough development bottleneck, Achieve better and faster development. [Read more]

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